4 Classic Slots You Need To Try

There is a reason why millions of players choose to play online slot games every single day. What many modern day interpretations of the game represent is innovation and a step into the future. As the industry moves forward, unlike other online casino games, online slots tend to keep the pace. 2D games, 3D games, live games, and the soon to be VR games show just how far the game genre has come since the turn of the century. It seems that increased financial investment has helped online slot games become the dominant game genre within the online casino landscape. Looking back through time, we’ve gone through the annals of online casino portal history and handpicked a selection of games that truly pushed the boundaries of the genre upon release. Visit Sveriges Casinon afer finishing this article in order to find a good casino bonus at a casino that offer these games, so that you can try them out for yourself!

Tomb Raidertomb

Back in 1996 the world was a different place. Friends was on TV, Britpop ruled the charts, and it seemed that the world still preferred cartridge based video gaming. However, the release of the Sony PlayStation sought to change that. The game that helped swing the tide for the disc-based console was Tomb Raider. Arriving in 1996 the game was a runaway smash hit, fast forward nearly 20 years and the game is still as relevant as ever. Except now it seems that many will know Tomb Raider as a leading online slots game. Starring heroine Lara Croft, the game showed the world that video game adaptations certainly have a market. All-action from first minute to last, players around the world have seemingly found a new love for the Tomb Raider franchise due to this adventurous Microgaming release.

Jurassic Park

From the small screen to the silver screen, another genre defining slots release comes in the form of Jurassic Park. Pushing current technology to its absolute limit, Jurassic Park is an online slots game that is truly monstrous in size. Bonus round after bonus round, reel spin after reel spin, and jackpot after jackpot, Jurassic Park is a game that is so big that it takes hours in order to just scratch the surface. By all accounts the game had a large production budget and it definitely shows within the UI. Graphically astute, Jurassic Park features relentless detail, which in turn works to bring the dinosaurs it features to life. Online slot games simply don’t come any more mind-blowing than Jurassic Park.

Immortal Romance

Licensed games are one thing, but it is original titles that have helped lay the foundation for the online slots genre. If you were to ask players what game best represents original slot game creations, most will probably say Immortal Romance. The reason for this is simple; no other slot game in history has incorporated narrative more effectively than this Microgaming title. Hooking players from the moment they start playing, the game is widely considered to be the developer’s flagship title. Entering the world of bats and vampires has really never been more rewarding than through Immortal Romance.

Jacks or Better

The final game on this list has earned its place by meshing together two classic online casino pastimes. Jacks or Better blends together slot and card game play together in one extremely impressive package. Shifting the game away from luck and more towards skill, this is without question the thinking man’s slot game. Allowing players to put their online casino abilities to the test, Jacks or Better is game that has certainly struck new ground with regards to skill based online slots play.