The ever-rich history of Roulette

When you think of Las Vegas, the ultimate version of Sin City, you almost always think of the game of roulette. It truly has become the game that the world is talking about, with more and more players logging onto the online casino variation of the game in order to spin the wheel. In fact, the game even has some urban legend connotations, which makes sense considering the numbers on the wheel total 666 when all added together. To get a real grasp on what makes this game so amazing you need to travel back in time, more importantly back to a time when casino gaming was more or less frowned upon. The game is now truly a global phenomenon, with its history largely laying the foundations for as to why that is the case.

Everyone knows that roulette as a game is the perfect storm of stats, odds, and pure chance, so it only makes sense that the game is the brainchild of a mathematician. Famous throughout Europe, the creation of roulette is attributed to Blaise Pascal, but to say he meant to invent the game would be a bit of an exaggeration. In fact, the game actually came about through a mistake, as the intended project was a perpetual motion machine, but that clearly wasn’t meant to be. From that roulette was created and the game would evolve from there. During the 1800s an additional zero would be added to the board in order to create what is now commonly known as the house edge. This was actually done by Francois Blanc in an attempt to appease King Charles III of Monaco, but the zero would eventually become commonplace throughout Europe.

Drawing in people from far and wide, the game would eventually aid struggling Monaco before expanding across the globe. It is clear that the game couldn’t be contained in just Europe anymore, as the United States would arguably give the game a spiritual home. Within the Las Vegas strip during the mid 1900s, the casinos in region would add an additional zero to the wheel and regularly market the game as American Roulette. Success was almost guaranteed in the United States given the games’ credentials, but it wouldn’t be long before a new innovation would come around and change the game of roulette forever.

Many though the roulette image presented by Las Vegas couldn’t be topped, however that couldn’t be more wrong, as the Internet would change the way people play the game forever. During the early 2000s the industry was changing, with online casino play taking roulette to brand new heights. Online roulette is now the most commonly played form of roulette in the world and for good reason. Available 24/7 through hundreds of different online casino providers, the game can now be played from home through a laptop or desktop computer. It is safe to say that through online roulette the game has finally gone global. If you’re interested in learning more about how the game actually works, check out the roulette guide at Mr Casinon, which is a casino portal with a handful of useful game guides.

The future of roulette looks just as interesting as its past, as mobile and live casino looks to push the game forward in 2015 and beyond. Live casino play is just getting off the ground and looks to be bringing a sense of atmosphere back to roulette play. Mobile casino play is bringing online roulette to brand a new platform, a platform that is available any time and any place. Roulette as a game has been on quite the journey already, but by the looks of things that journey may only just be getting started.